Meet a small selection of our talented coaching staff. 


For over 14 years Coach Pitts worked closely with Nick Bollettieri at the IMG Tennis Academy. His deep understanding of what it takes to become a successful tennis player is based upon athletic and mental toughness. 

Herb Pitts

Michael Fowler

Coach Fowler spent 4 years playing Division 1 tennis at Alabama State University, after that he went on to coach in a variety of positions. His strength of character and college tennis background will be a valuable asset to the children in the program.  


Brian McNulty

Coach McNulty is a successful local high performance strength and conditioning coach. He has a proven record producing champions on and off the field.


Bunner Smith

Nick Bollettieri and Coach Smith first worked together in 1977 and since then Coach Smith has been one of the most well respected coaches in the area. His high standards and proven results are an asset to everyone he works with. 


Davia Pitts

Coach Pitts trained at IMG during her childhood summers. She continued playing tennis throughout her Junior and Senior year at High School. The experience broadened her culturally and socially. Having Herb Pitts as a coach and father helped!

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